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Welcome to Educate & Elevate, a non-profit organization passionately dedicated to serving underserved communities.

 1830 N. University Dr, Suite 171, Plantation, Fl 33322

About Us

Welcome to Educate & Elevate, a non-profit organization passionately dedicated to serving underserved communities.

We believe in the transformative power of education and sports as tools for social change. Our programs are designed to provide educational enrichment, athletic training, and intergenerational engagement, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Our team, comprising experienced educators, coaches, and community leaders, works tirelessly to create inspiring and empowering opportunities. Together, we are building stronger communities, one individual at a time.

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Popular Causes

Educational Equity, Youth Development and Mentorship, Intergenerational Programs, Technology Access and Training, and Health and Wellness.

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Latest News

Here, you'll find the most recent updates and exciting developments from Educate & Elevate. Stay informed about our latest programs, community events, success stories, and initiatives as we work tirelessly to make a difference in underserved communities.
Whether it's breakthroughs in educational methods, highlights from our athletic programs, or inspiring stories of personal achievement, this space is dedicated to keeping you connected with the impact we're making together. Dive into our latest news and be a part of our journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future

Meet Our Team

Jason Beneby


Jason is the founder of Educate & Elevate Inc. He also serves as the Executive Director and NFL Contract Advisor at Uprise Agency, a role combining his negotiation, strategy, and business operations skills. As an advisor, he is the primary liaison between our athletes and the teams they play for. He uses his expert knowledge of NFL contracts and regulations and his intuitive understanding of the market to ensure our clients are positioned for maximum financial and professional success.

 Jason’s background as an executive gives him an innovative edge. This experience gave him a natural ability to seize opportunities and anticipate trends in a rapidly evolving industry. He’s adept at risk management and understands the importance of building and maintaining a strong personal brand.

Kennyetta Beneby


Kennyetta is the Co-Founder of Educate & Elevate Inc., a  a amplifiedhed business professional with extensive experience in management and customer service. Her career includes pivotal roles leading salon franchises and managing retail chains, showcasing her versatility across various sectors.

She excelled as a Manager, demonstrating proficiency in overseeing operations, event management, and staff training. Her tenures highlighted her adeptness in customer service and negotiation. Her diverse experience, coupled with her strong leadership and problem-solving skills, cements her value.

Upcoming Events

Here, you'll find information about upcoming workshops, seminars, community gatherings, athletic meets, and other exciting events we're hosting or participating in. Our events are designed to foster learning, promote athletic engagement, and strengthen community bonds.
Stay tuned for updates and join us in these vibrant occasions that embody the spirit and mission of Educate & Elevate.

Virtual Reality Proof Of Concept For The Hon. Zane Lightbourne.
Virtual Reality Proof Of Concept For The Hon. Zane Lightbourne.

The sponsorship of the Proof-of-Concept (POC) of Virtual Reality (VR)

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Trusted by companies, schools all around the world.

Educate & Elevate has established a global footprint by collaborating with companies and schools around the world. This extensive network enables us to bring diverse resources, expertise, and perspectives to the communities we serve.