Bridging The Digital Divide

Our online courses and VR learning opportunities are designed to make digital education accessible, helping to close the technology gap in underserved communities. We also provide necessary devices and internet access support where needed.

Enhancing Learning Through Technology

Providing advanced learning tools like VR goggles makes education more engaging and introduces students to modern technologies, preparing them for future careers in a digital world.

Promoting Physical and Social Development

Our athletic programs and scholarships address the lack of sports facilities and opportunities in underserved areas, promoting physical health, teamwork, and leadership among youth.

Fostering Intergenerational Connectivity

By involving the elderly in our learning projects, we enhance social cohesion, respect for diversity, and communal support, enriching the learning experience for all generations.

Previous Supporters

Previous Financial Supporters: Qualcomm a donor for a VR Proof of Concept project conduct for students working online in underserved communities.

The Routree App

A social platform allowing high school students to communicate with college admission counselors at the schools they’re interested in attending.

Bahamas Virtual School

Private LMS provider for the Bahamians, partnering with E&E to provide VR supplement for online Bahamian history curriculum.

Ask Real Teachers

Provider of an OnDemand student assistance platform, that provides students with timely assistance from certified teachers.


VR service provider and designer of the VR classroom environments used for students to participate in the POC project.

American High School

LMS service provider for student groups used in the VR POC project. AHS became 1st to offer synchronous and asynchronous learning.


Creates semiconductors, software, and services related to wireless technology. 30k sponsor of VR POC project

Non-Profit Status

EIN: 85-2166797
On Publication 78 Data List: Yes
Deductibility Code: PC
501(c)(3) –

XR Education Proof of Concept Program

The collaborative Proof of Concept project spearheaded by Educate & Elevate, in partnership with Qualcomm, American High School, and VictoryXR, has showcased remarkable potential in revolutionizing educational experiences for students.